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Is this the videoconference of tomorrow? How many companies or political leaders could in the future offer this feeling of holographic teleportation? A tool avant-garde has just been launched by a start-up in Los Angeles.

Hollywood has dreamed of it in hundreds of science fiction films, but in Los Angeles (USA) it has now almost become a reality: teleportation. David Nussbaum is the inventor of this technology worthy of star trek. “We are the first company in the world to offer a holoportation machine. We are able to teleport anyone, for example from where we are, to where the person wants to go, in real time”says the creator and CEO of Proto.

The device is very simple and far from science fiction movies. Only four accessories are needed to capture your image first. “It’s just a classic camera, a light, a microphone and a white wall”, describes David Nussbaum. The details, the impression of depth and even the shadows, give the feeling of three dimensions. In reality, the image is simply reworked by software and projected onto a glass plate. No more traveling for professional meetings or poor quality videoconference calls. For its designer, this technology can have multiple applications.

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