Waste to Energy Market Size, Growth, Trends, Outlook, Outlook, Industry Analysis, Demand, Business Scenario and Forecast Report 2027

The global market energy recovery from waste will be worth $54.16 billion by 2027, according to current analysis by Emergen Research. The growth of this market can be attributed to the rapid urbanization and industrialization of developing economies, as well as the growing demand for cleaner energy sources. The increasing adoption of renewable energy sources in the industrial and transportation sectors is expected to drive the growth of the waste-to-energy market. Growing need for sustainable urban living and minimizing reliance on fossil fuel power generation is expected to drive system demand during the forecast period.

The limited availability of landfills and the constant growth of cities have increased the adoption of waste-to-energy technologies. Increasing government initiatives, such as implementing strict emission control measures, increasing investment for the development of technologically advanced waste-to-energy facilities, imposing landfill or carbon tax, are most likely to propel the market growth over the forecast period.

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Advancements in plant technology, such as innovations in combustion and boiler design, expansion of waste to energy facilities, or improvements in metal recovery systems, are most likely to propel growth opportunities for the industry. .

The report offers a comprehensive analysis of the Global Waste to Energy Market on a global and regional scale and offers an 8-year market forecast. The report provides extensive coverage of market drivers, restraints, limitations, growth prospects, threats, opportunities, and current and emerging market trends. The report also offers an in-depth analysis of the market players along with their business overview, product portfolio, technological advancements, expansion plans, financial status, and global standing. It also sheds light on the collaborations in the competitive landscape, such as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, collaborations, product launches, brand promotions, corporate and government agreements, licensing agreements, etc.

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Key players involved in the market, such as Suez, Hitachi Zosen Inova AG, China Everbright International Limited, Covanta, Waste Management Inc., Veolia, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, Xcel Energy Inc., Ramboll Group A/S and Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc., among others , as well as new market entrants. The competitive analysis also includes a regional analysis of major geographic regions. The report covers regions such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

Emergen Research has segmented the global waste-to-energy market on the basis of technology and region:

Technology Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2017-2027)

Biological technology

Biogas plants

landfill gas


Thermal technology




physical technology

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Contents :

Chapter 1 includes an introduction of the global Waste to Energy Market, along with a comprehensive market overview, market scope, product offerings, and investigation of the market drivers, growth opportunities, risks, constraints and other vital factors.

Chapter 2 offers an in-depth analysis of key manufacturers engaged in this business vertical along with their sales and revenue estimates.

Chapter 3 details the highly competitive terrain of the market, highlighting the major manufacturers and suppliers.

In Chapter 4, our team has fragmented the market based on regions, highlighting the sales, revenue and market share of each region over the forecast period.

Chapters 5 and 6 have focused on market segmentation based on product type and application.

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