Vodafone and Google Cloud announce deployment of AI and ML platform AI Booster

Vodafone, a British telecommunications company, and Google Cloud signed a six-year strategic partnership in May 2021. The two companies recently announced an agreement to deploy the jointly created AI and ML platform “AI Booster”, it will provide predictive capabilities to improve the customer experience, network performance, accelerate research progress… from Vodafone.

Vodafone is a major telecommunications group, it has 105,000 employees in 21 countries. The partnership signed with Google Cloud last year aimed to develop an integrated data platform with a large processing capacity and analysis on a global scale from several systems to the cloud. Called Nucleus, it should allow Vodafone to provide personalized services to its subscribers, both BtoC and BtoB.

The new AI Booster platform

The result of 18 months of work, the AI ​​Booster platform allows Vodafone to expand its AI capabilities at scale. Led by Vodafone’s Big Data & Ai division, it uses the latest Google technology to enable the next generation of AI use cases, such as optimizing customer experiences, customer retention and customer recommendations. products. Its creation is due to Vodafone Commercial’s desire to integrate more AI technologies, machine learning (ML) and predictive capabilities into the company’s overall operations.

Cornelia Schaurecker, Global Group Director for Big Data & AI, Vodafone, says:

“To maximize business value at pace and scale, our vision was to enable the rapid creation and horizontal/vertical scaling of use cases in an automated and standardized way. To do this, 18 months ago, we set out to build a next-generation AI/ML platform based on new google technology. »

The platform is now live in 18 countries and has enabled the company’s data scientists and data developers to obtain products and product proofs of concept in four weeks compared to about 5 months before. .

Cornelia Schaurecker adds:

“We knew it wouldn’t be easy. People used to say, “Aim for the stars and you might take off…” Today, we’re really proud that AI Booster has really taken off and has entered service in nearly double the markets we originally anticipated. Together we used the best possible ML Ops tools and created Vodafone’s ‘ai Booster Platform’ to make life easier for data scientists, maximize value and drive co-creation and scaling of business cases. global use to another level. »

AI Booster: A scalable ML platform based on Google Cloud

AI Booster is built on Google’s Vertex AI which helps build, deploy and scale ML models faster, with pre-trained and custom tools in a unified platform. Native cloud platform, it is integrated with Vodafone’s Neuron platform built on Google Cloud.

This agreement expands the partnership between Google Cloud and Vodafone and will improve data quality, reduce data costs and significantly increase efficiency.

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