“virtual twins” technology is taking the field

Water scarcity and drought are two of the greatest challenges facing our planet today. And Italy in particular seems to be at the center of an almost dramatic convergence. The quarter from July to September 2022 will mark a very strong rainfall deficit, extended to all the central areas of the Mediterranean.

The result? As you know, you have already seen it in the news: thermal anomalies (up to +3°C) associated with a significant lack of rain equal to widespread damage to water resources, agriculture and energy production. We risk, says the ANBI observatory on water resources, water rationing in more than one Italian region.

We must act quickly

Given the general framework, rapid action is needed to examine resource use and raise awareness for greater water efficiency, starting with the industrial sector. There is a technology developed for similar cases, which we have told you about here e here: these are the “virtual twins”.

Virtual twin technology is a state-of-the-art tool that can be used to examine how resources are used and to pre-test solutions on a city or regional scale before applying them to real-world scenarios. A complex system, which requires multidisciplinary approaches and the convergence of different sectors (“diagnostics” by sensors, information technologies, artificial intelligence and others). An example applied to town planning? Take a look here.

Coming from sectors such as health or industry (where they have already been used), virtual twins can now also find a place in the optimization of water resources to combat drought.

Virtual experience, real benefit

Water intertwines its destiny with all human knowledge. It is not only used to quench people’s thirst, or their personal hygiene: the vast majority of agricultural and manufacturing sectors need this precious resource. In response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which include access to and efficient use of water resources, governments and businesses are looking for ways to manage as valuable an asset as possible.

Virtual twins are an opportunity that allows manufacturing companies, inventors, customers, and stakeholders to work together in a 3D virtual environment to generate new objects and processes without having to use physical prototypes that would require large amounts of natural resources.

Solutions like the 3DEXPERIENCE platform developed by the European Union Dassault Systems pave the way for a more sustainable production system. Thanks to the “virtual twins”, it will be possible to understand the water consumption in each phase of a process.

Towards a virtuous water supply chain

“By measuring the water footprint of goods and services, from design to manufacturing,” he says. Guido Porro, Managing Director Southern Europe and AD Italy of Dassault Systèmes, “as well as their end-of-life effect, the effects will also immediately affect the final consumer”.

Guido Porro

Like, how? Simple: through increased awareness. An end customer, for example, can choose to purchase items and services designed, produced and transported with less impact on water. A kind of “certification” that shows the most attentive companies.

There is no better way, if we want to tackle the problem of water scarcity and drought, than to start the change from every person and every business. And there is no better way to organize this action than through advanced technologies such as virtual twins.

We will hear about it more and more often.

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