Unusual: The Sandbox loses control of its Instagram account after a hack

⚠️The Sandbox’s Instagram account has been temporarily deactivated. The Sandbox team is still actively working towards recovering the account. ℹ️ In the meantime, do not click any suspicious link. We will keep you updated along the way, stay safe out there. ❤️ https://t.co/HwuOfKdnC1

It should be noted that the information relating to the hacking of the account was provided a little earlier by PeckShieldAlert. However, no reports of user funds being hacked have surfaced so far. The fears are justified, as in recent days the global digital asset industry has suffered successive hacks and thefts.

Persistent insecurity

This week, aside from The Sandbox, the crypto gaming company, other projects have had their security compromised by hackers. This is the case of Solana whose users were victims of a massive hack between Wednesday and Thursday. About $8 million was lost due to the compromise of 8,000 virtual wallets.

The flaw comes from the Slope online wallet and the latter ensures that internal investigations and audits are underway. Hackers also recently attacked the Nomad protocol and took away around $190 million through 41 addresses. Note also the theft of $3.6 million in funds (2224 ETH) from the ZB cryptocurrency exchange.

August: Day 1: $190 million nomad hack Day 2: Reaper farm exploit Day 3: Mass siphoning on Solana https://t.co/YroMIRyxm7

Even if the blockchains are not compromised and most hacks are rather due to the personal failures of the users, the current insecurity can slow down the investments of savers in the industry.

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Sandbox’s price is up 3.7% at the time of writing and is trading at $1.33. Its price is expected to reach a minimum of $1.74 and a maximum price of $2.07 in 2023, according to analysts.

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