Unlock a shopping cart without token or change

The technique to unlock a shopping cart without tokens or coins

July 27, 2022, on In brief

It’s a little trick that has made the rounds of the networks and that some of you may be using.

But in any case, the “trick” of this mother of 4 children was a huge success! Arriving at the supermarket with the family, she realizes that she has no coins and cannot find the famous shopping cart liberator token. Welcoming the world. Inspired, she takes one of her small keys and inserts the round part into the slot, thus releasing a shopping cart, bingo: this part of the key is the size of a coin of around €1!

There are other tips

A D system that got a lot of Internet users talking and interested! some of which have exposed another solution: colored key fobs (those with a label) fit perfectly in the slot of the carts. Just like a piece of loyalty card that you no longer need and that you can tear off a piece of a big centimeter!

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