University of Rwanda to launch nuclear science and technology training soon

(Ecofin Agency) – With regard to the development of nuclear power in Africa and particularly in Rwanda, this sector needs qualified human resources. A challenge for the continent where the majority of workers in the sector are trained abroad, for lack of courses on the continent.

The University of Rwanda, the country’s main public higher education institution, plans to launch academic training in nuclear science and technology. The project led by the College of Science and Technology of the University aims to promote nuclear education and training as well as to assess the possibilities of future cooperation between regional academic institutions.

According to Dr. Ignace Gatare, director of the College, this program was designed to respond to the shortage of qualified human resources in the nuclear industry in Rwanda and in Africa in general. On the continent, opportunities in the field are multiplying. Several countries are adopting the use of nuclear energy in priority sectors such as health, education, agriculture, industry and transport.

In addition, African states depend on foreign countries, particularly Russia, for training in the field. With the exception of Morocco, South Africa and Egypt which have nuclear training institutes, very few African countries offer permanent training programs in the field.

The Rwandan project has already received the approval of the academic council. All that remains is to be validated by the academic senate before its launch. The supreme institution of the University will be counting on the question next August.

It should also be noted that Rwanda benefits from the expertise of the Russian Federal Agency for Atomic Energy (ROSATOM) to set up a National Center for Nuclear Science and Technology which will open its doors by 2024. An agreement has been signed to this effect in Sochi, during the Russia-Africa summit. This agreement also provides for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Rwanda.

Vanessa Ngono Atangana


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