UN Economic Commission for Africa urges African countries to invest in renewable energy

Director of the Technology, Climate Change and Natural Resources Management Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Jean Paul Adam, on Monday urged African countries to invest more in renewable energy. .

This call ahead of Cop 27 to be held November 7-18, 2022 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, was launched during a lively press briefing in Addis Ababa and online in the morning. It precedes the opening on Tuesday, August 2, and for three days, the regional round tables on climate change and adaptation which will always take place in Addis Ababa.

He stressed the major role that current technologies can play in the continent’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

“If current technologies are used in the achievement of the SDGs, Africa will have an essential increase in energy production in its respective countries,” he argued.

The UN official called for care in this case to only resort to investment for technologies that will not be “obsolete”.

“The essential aspect would be to be able to continue to invest in renewable energies, and to ensure that all new investments in fuels and fossils do not lead to the isolation of initiatives”, indicated Jean Paul Adam.

– Support transition plan investments

Once it is agreed that major investments are necessary for energy development on the continent, Jean Paul Adam also specified that these renewable energies will only be accessible if the investments are “accompanied by a transition plan”.

He recalls that to achieve the SDGs and universal access to renewable energy, Africa will have to double its electricity production by 2030 and quintuple it by 2050. Which represents, he explains, “ an investment of 500 billion dollars”.

In 2021, investments in this area on the continent were, according to estimates by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development-OECD, in the order of 20 billion USD. Far below the commitment of 100 billion planned, says the director of the division of technology, climate change and natural resource management of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

And yet this forecast must be able to evolve to reach a mobilization of 500 billion USD by 2025.

Jean Paul Adam called on the great nations that have made commitments to honor them.

“We need to know what funds will really be available so that vulnerable countries can access them,” he said.

He also invited Africa to mobilize its own internal resources in this investment, and the African private sector to mobilize more for more investment and donations with a view to achieving climate objectives.

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