The Vodacom Foundation launches its fourth élan de coeur in greater Bandundu to transform lives through its technology

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The Vodacom Foundation unveiled this Friday, July 29, 2022 the region that will benefit from its fourth impulse. This is indeed the Bandundu region which includes the following provinces: Kwango, Mai Ndombe and Kenge.

The launching ceremony of the fourth élan de coeur took place in Kikwit, within the Technical and Professional Institute of Kikwit (ITPK), in the presence of several officials of the Region, in particular: the Mayor of the city of Kikwit, the Commander of the 11th military region of Kikwit, some representatives of the medical corps of the region, as well as several directors of schools in the city.

Indeed, for three months, the Vodacom Foundation will have to carry out the projects below, in the four of its fourth impulse of heart:

  1. Renovation and installation of two digital classrooms at St Jean Bosco College in Kenge and at Kivuvu College in Bandundu Ville in collaboration with the Bakambu Foundation. Each class will be equipped with 40 tablets, 40 single-seaters and a free internet connection. This pack will allow students to access the Vodaeduc platform;
  2. Renovation and installation of a digital classroom at the Gatundo School complex in Mukedias part of the “Vodacom Employee Donation” program;
  3. Launch of the Vodaeduc Scholarship : 100 children in the province, at the end of a test to be held in September 2022, will benefit from a grant to cover their school fees and the purchase of school supplies;
  4. Vanga hospital maternity ward equipment to reduce the death rate of women during childbirth.


According Mr. Gregoire TshianiResponsible for the said Region: “ It is clear that through this vast program of 12 élans de coeur, Vodacom Congo, through its Foundation, aims to materialize its commitment which consists in contributing for the well-being of all Congolese thanks to the power of its technology. “.

Vodacom Congo, partner for socio-economic development in DR Congo.

About 12 impulses from the Vodacom Foundation

On Friday April 8, 2022, the Vodacom Congo Foundation launched its vast annual program entitled “The 12 heartfelt impulses of the Vodacom Foundation”. This project aims to transform thousands of lives in the DRC through technology, in 4 key sectors of the country’s social development, namely: education, health, well-being and inclusion for all!

Indeed, this campaign includes all the activities that the Vodacom Foundation will launch this year, in 12 regions of the DRC, for 12 months, from April 2022 to March 2023. The regions concerned are as follows: Kinshasa, Kongo Central, North-Kivu, South-Kivu, Kasaï-Oriental, Kasaï-Occidental, Bandundu, Province-Orientale, Equateur, Maniema, Katanga and Lualaba.

For the execution of this major annual program, each month, the Foundation will reveal the name of the Region where the activities will be launched.

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