The TF1 group will test virtualization technology from a start-up for six months


Flaneer was chosen as part of its participation in the eighth edition of TF1 Station F’s Media Lab program.

The TF1 group’s acceleration program, the TF1 Media Lab, has selected the French start-up Flaneer for its on-demand virtualization.

AdvertisingAlready chosen by the Mines Paris PSL school, the start-up Flaneer announced that it had been chosen in May 2022 by the TF1 group for a six-month test. The choice was made within the framework of the TF1 Media Lab, based at Station F Paris, a start-up acceleration program of the TF1 group. The TF1 group’s objective is to be able to have, on demand, application virtualization enabling employees to use numerous software programs (including very resource-intensive ones) on any computer (even a thin client or a tablet). ), anywhere, especially at home when working remotely.

The six-month test will take place on jobs with very specific needs, with video editors working in production in order to allow them to work both from home and on site on any machine. In particular, it is a question of avoiding the purchase of very powerful portable computers, which are particularly expensive in the current period of shortage of electronic components. In the same way, temporary workers will be able to work on any workstation thanks to a simple hypertext link giving access to a preconfigured and secure virtual machine. Finally, the solution will also be tested to strengthen the BCP and enable the rapid deployment of thousands of pre-configured virtual workstations in the event of a disaster.

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