The logo of S3NS, the Cloud of Thales and Google, explained by the agency Carré Noir

The clashes over what constitutes a sovereign Cloud, a Cloud of trust or an extra-territorial Cloud are in full swing in France. These summer holidays are an opportunity to return to the launch of the Cloud S3NS offer on June 30, as part of a joint venture between the French company Thalès and the giant Google, under the governance of Thalès.

A French global player and the giant Google

Thales is a global player in the fields of defence, aeronautics, space, transport, identity and security. Thales, hexagonal champion, remains a dwarf against its partner Google. It achieved a turnover of 16.2 billion euros in 2021 while its partner Alphabet, parent company of Google, has a turnover of 257.6 billion dollars and a profit of 76 billion dollars. .

The development of the S3NS offer with the creation of a new company under the governance of Thales, aims to convince the private and public sectors to choose a Cloud that meets the SecNumCloud label in line with the cloud doctrine of confidence of the ‘State.

Publicis’ Carré Noir agency in charge of design

In this context, the Carré Noir agency of the Publicis group created its name, its brand signature and its visual identity for this new structure through a logotype and a graphic territory. Carré Noir explains that he imagined the name S3NS to embody a single reason: to give meaning to the digital transition in France and a trajectory for customers.

“Sense” gives a direction assured and increased by the reversal of the “E”, represented by a “3”. This number 3 is a highly symbolic number which evokes the triad formed by Thales, Google and its customers and also the 3 key values ​​of S3NS like a motto: “Performance, Innovation, Trust”, symbolizing the French origins of its parent company.

The color gradient evokes the perpetual evolution of the Cloud

The logotype represents the union of the cyber security giant and the new information technology giant. ” These are four powerful letters to evoke stability and protection, inhabited by a gradient recalling the flexibility and the perpetual and limitless evolution of the technologies offered in the Cloud. we conclude at Carré Noir.

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