The Chrome browser will also start judging your passwords

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This is a feature that should displease hackers. Google Chrome will help make your passwords stronger with a “strength indicator”. They are the experts from AboutChromebooks and leopeva64 which revealed that Google was working on this new feature. Thus, when entering “Veronique1972” or “Tigrou1234”, Chrome will tell you that these passwords are not strong enough and will suggest that you change them.

While sites or extensions already exist to alert you to the strength of your passwords, Google should join the dance by integrating this functionality into its Chrome browser. The option developed by Google “enables the password strength indicator when entering a password during the registration and password change flows”. This feature will be available on Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, Fuchsia and Lacros.

At the same time, Google is working on the total removal of passwords. Alongside Microsoft and Apple, the Mountain View company is working on “passkeys”, a passwordless authentication solution using biometrics. leopeva64 spotted that Google was going to add a “manage passkeys” button to Chrome.

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