Test – Chromecast with Google TV: a discreet, functional and above all very useful little gadget

It is with a little delay that the new Chromecast model from Google is appearing on the Belgian market. In addition to an affordable price (69 €), this accessory designed to make outdated televisions connected scores many points thanks to a user experience with small onions.

With this device, the American giant is targeting a specific audience, those who have not yet passed the milestone of connected televisions. The Chromecast is indeed intended to make these devices smarter than they are, and this, at a lower cost and in a snap of the fingers.

A very simple installation

The Chromecast with Google TV comes in the form of a small box with a sleek design that connects to a television via an HDMI input and connects to the mains. Installation is as simple as that. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the screen to enjoy your newly connected television. With the new remote control attached to the box, the process is easily done from your couch.

Once it’s done, you can also install the Google Home app on your smartphone to be able to cast (project) photos or videos on your TV and share them with your loved ones.

Note that the device is compatible with 4K, Dolby Vision, Digital, Atmos, HDR + – but your television must be too. The display and sound quality – even over wifi – is impeccable.

A well thought out interface

But that’s not all, the Chromecast with Google TV centralizes all the applications found on traditional SmartTVs, in particular Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video or even RTBF Auvio, VTM and Apple TV+, through a particularly good interface. thought, GoogleTV.

As a developer of Android – the operating system used as an underlay by most manufacturers of connected televisions -, Google masters its software to perfection and offers a most effective finished product. In addition, the system offers rather relevant suggestions to users based on their viewing habits.

With 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of memory (of which only 5 GB is really available), the Chromecast with Google TV is very fast. The user experience is indeed a real success, especially when the device is connected to the Internet via an Ethernet cable (optional).

The navigation is fluid and the connection to the various services is ultra-fast. We were pleasantly surprised. The difference with the first Chromecast of the name is obvious – the latter did not leave us with good memories. Here, the illusion of having a SmartTV is total.

The remote control, a real plus

Navigating through the menus is child’s play, especially thanks to the supplied remote control. This is a real asset. Its absence was indeed noticed with the brand’s first Chromecast. Back then, everything had to be done through the mobile app. So, of course, it is practical, but less than a dedicated device for navigating between the menus of a television and accessible at hand, without having to unlock it or launch an app.

The remote control is easy to use, although it differs quite a bit from those we are used to. Compact, the device has only about ten buttons, including two on the side. A provision that is disturbing, especially since it is the buttons to adjust the volume – the remote control is indeed able to control the sound of the television thanks to its infrared. It will take a little getting used to, but nothing too bad. And although the keys are limited, they all have a specific role to play – including shortcuts for YouTube and Netflix – and prove to be very useful.

We will also note the possibility of launching the virtual assistant of Google, Google Assistant, and of communicating orally with him. A plus, but here, it’s more of a gadget feature designed for those who have a whole range of connected devices at home. It is indeed possible to ask him to turn off connected bulbs or to launch a particular series.


For a very affordable price of €69, the Chromecast with Google TV offers to transform your aging television into a real SmartTV. The experience offered is worthy of current models, with a particularly well thought-out fluid interface. The cast of photos and videos is nice, although the main interest of the accessory remains the possibility of launching your favorite applications in record time on your outdated television. At this level, the Chromecast with Google TV really wins points. The experience is optimal, even on wifi. Finally, the supplied remote control really brings a plus compared to the first Chromecast. It also enriches the television experience and works with the vast majority of devices. A device to get for those who want to give a facelift to their television.

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