FEC allowed Google to remove spam filters in Gmail

Lately, Google has been riddled with criticism regarding the “Gmail” spam filter. A study found that the tech giant was disproportionately flagging Republican fundraising emails as spam compared to those of Democratic lawmakers and candidates, angering GOP senators (Grand Old Party). The latter even summoned Kent Walker, Google’s legal director for a meeting to explain … Read more

In Chicago, Google buys a building and drives out a monumental statue of Dubuffet

The company moves into the Thompson Center, the building in front of which has stood since 1984 Monument to the Standing Beasta ten-ton sculpture created by the great name of French art brut. Jean Dubuffet ordered to pack up… His sculpture Monument to the Standing Beast (Monument with Standing Beast), created in 1984 to sit … Read more

justice demands more and more data from tech giants

Published on Friday, August 5, 2022 at 07:33 By Sudinfo with Belga As part of the fight against crime, Belgian courts have requested information on 28,774 accounts from Meta (ex-Facebook), Google, Microsoft and Apple since 2013. In four out of five cases, the American technology giants have complied, at least partially, with the request, writes … Read more

Rumble’s antitrust lawsuit against Google moves to first stage

In early 2021, Rumble, the video streaming platform, filed a lawsuit against Google in federal court in California. Rumble’s lawyers have alleged that the tech giant is unlawfully altering search results to benefit YouTube, its sister company. They added that Google is unfairly rigging its search algorithms, which directly impacts Rumble. The latter requested more … Read more

Android 13: Towards a premature release of Google’s new mobile OS?

While yesterday we were discussing the probable release date of the Google Pixel 7, new information announces that of its OS, Android 13. In security release notes recently published on the Google website, there are information that the new mobile OS should already be released in September. Android 13 should already be released in September … Read more

What if Google competed with the AirPods Max?

Smartphone, connected watch, TWS earphones… Google only needs a headset so that its hardware offer resembles that of the big competitor Apple. Among the major smartphone manufacturers, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate one or the other as their products are similar. It often only takes a few months before a new device is copied … Read more

Microsoft and Google also suffer, but reassure Wall Street

By Chloe Woitier Posted 2 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago The two American giants have reassured the financial markets. Goodpics – stock.adobe.com / Morad HEGUI / Mariakray – stock.adobe.com Despite a slowdown in their growth, the two groups remain solid in their core businesses. Wall Street breathed a sigh of relief. While an economic … Read more

Alphabet (Google) sees its growth slow and its net profit drop to $16 billion in the second quarter

From April to June, the Californian group achieved $69.7 billion in sales, representing growth of 13%, its lowest rate since the second quarter of 2020. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, saw its net profit drop 13% year on year to $16 billion in the second quarter, amid tighter advertising budgets due to the economic … Read more