Tab Manager Extensions To Boost Productivity In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a popular web browser used today. It is known for its simple design and super fast web experience. Compared to other browsers, Chrome is extremely fast in loading and displaying web pages. When it comes to working life, we all like to perform various tasks simultaneously. This type of multitasking skill is essential for increasing productivity and accomplishing a large number of tasks in a limited period of time.

Tab Manager Extensions for Google Chrome

If you are a professional, you would like to keep multiple tabs open. Although Chrome handles multi-tabbed browsing efficiently, slow browsing performance and browser crash are quite possible when overloaded with tabs. Moreover, if you have a large number of open tabs, it is difficult to switch between tabs, which can affect your work productivity and even take a lot of time. However, if you like to keep multiple tabs open while you work, there are some amazing extensions to manage tabs effectively. In this article, we collect some of the best tab manager extensions for Google Chrome to boost your work productivity.


1]Tab outline

TabsOutliner is a simple tab manager that presents an overview of open tabs and open windows as well as a total overview of saved tabs. It allows the user to add texts from web pages to the tab list in order to take notes quickly. The tab outline paves the way for efficient management and organization by displaying open tabs in the form of a tree. It allows users to organize information into logical hierarchies and delineated groups while specifying priorities. Users can organize tabs and open windows using annotations. It allows users to add comments and tasks in the tree view with a simple drag and drop. Tab Outlier is crash resistant that consumes no resources and allows users to keep hundreds of tabs open without crashing the browser again

2]Toby for Chrome

Tab Manager Extensions for Google Chrome

Tobie is a quick way to organize browser tabs. In addition to managing tabs, it can take the place of bookmarks. Toby features his own UI design in the new tab page for easy tab organization and management. It has a section called Collections which allows you to organize your favorite tab, save your browser session and open it for later use. It also displays the list of all open tabs in a separate section. Toby provides a simple interface that lets you easily switch between tabs and work efficiently by saving time. Toby automatically syncs all Collections tabs, to any desktop, for easy access.



Workona is a simple tab manager with a powerful search function that helps you find your tabs faster. Workona can be used to organize work-related projects, workflows and dashboards. The browser window can be saved as workspaces by simply clicking on the Workona button which will store all tabs for later use. Workona is a crash resistance that will automatically save all window and tab sessions and automatically resume your sessions if your browser crashes. Workona search tool helps to open all tabs at once in the workspace. Moreover, it allows users to quickly access saved windows directly from the new tab.



Tableau is a powerful tab manager that increases productivity by saving you time switching between tabs. It is a simple tool that displays all your browser windows and tabs in the Tabli popup window. Moreover, Tabli allows users to save a bunch of tabs related to a similar topic to view them later and resumes the same as saved windows. This is a free tool that does not establish outgoing data connections and does not pass any data to external extensions.

5]The big strap


The Great Suspender is a powerful and lightweight extension which is useful if you want to keep hundreds of tabs open at the same time. It increases system performance by suspending tabs which are not in use to free up the memory space and CPU consumed by those inactive tabs. Tabs that are not used for a certain period of time will automatically be suspended in the background. Hence the name Great Suspender. Additionally, it detects tabs that are playing audio and tabs that contain a form with user inputs to prevent them from hanging. Users can also whitelist the address they do not wish to suspend.

6]Quick Tab


QuickTab is a simple tab management tool based on the recent file quick picker. It lists tabs in most recently used (MRU) order and saves users time with its quick tabs that let you easily switch between recently used tabs in no time. Get the extension here.

7]Session Buddy


SessionBuddy is a simple tab management tool that manages open tabs and windows. Apart from managing tabs, it also provides an easy way to access bookmarks. With Session Buddy, one can easily organize, save related tabs in one place and easily recover open tabs after system crash.

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