Set Google Search as Default Search in Windows Taskbar Search

Windows 11/10 comes with lots of enhancements and enhancements. It even lets you search Windows, Web, and the new Cortana interface. But the problem with this is that this search option uses Bing Search as the default option and does not allow you to change if you wish. There is no option in Windows to use Google, Yahoo, Yandex or any other search as the default search to search the web instead of Bing. In this article, we’ll see how to make Google the default search for your taskbar search box in Windows.

Set Google as the default search in the Windows taskbar

1]Using the SearchDeflector Tool



If you are a Google search user and would like to search the web directly from the taskbar or start using Google instead of Bing as your web search engine, follow the steps below to get started. Windows 10 taskbar or start search box shows web results using Google. look for. The best option you have is to use the Search deflector tooling.

  1. Download and install the SearchDeflector tool from GithubGenericName
  2. Run the search deflector tool
  3. Select the browser you want to open
  4. You can set any of your installed browsers
  5. Select the default search ending you want to set
  6. You can choose from Google, Startpage, Wikipedia, Github.
  7. Click Apply.

Now when you search for something using the search bar, you will be asked – How do you want to open this? Select Deflector and also assess the Always use this app option. Click OK.

You are ready !

2]Using the Chrometana Chrome Extension

Download and install the Google Chrome browser on your version of Windows. Once done, use Chrome as your default web browser.

Then download and use Chrometana extension for Chrome.

You can search Cortana with Google, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo on Windows using the Chrometana Chrome extension.

So, now when you search using the taskbar, your default Chrome browser opens and the Bing search query is redirected to Google or any other.

Set Google as Default Search in Windows 10 Taskbar Search

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