Ranking of Ligue 1 budgets for the 2022-2023 season

August 4, 2022 at 7:10 PM by Thomas

A new season begins in Ligue 1 with unequal budgets between each club in the running.

Always richer overall, our French Ligue 1 championship. Despite the difficulties, born of the Covid period, with its effects on stadium revenues and TV rights, the recovery has begun and the horizon has cleared up, with the outcome of the commercial management file. This August 1, the elite clubs will receive the first funds promised from CVC, as each one, although apart, will not be identical to all in the future (Le PSG will receive €200 million spread out until 2024 or €80 million afterOM and theOL…).

PSG at least triple OM, OL or ASM

At the crossroads of everyone’s ambitions, the ranking of Ligue 1 club budgets, season 2022-2023, says a lot. That, for example, PSG this season again, seems untouchable. And its budget, record and here estimated at nearly 750 million euros, taking into account the growing lifestyle of the reigning champion, is at least triple that of its competitors, what are OM, OL and AS Monaco for closer on this criterion. It is also more than thirty times higher than that of the promoted Corsican, AC Ajaccio. Which claims the most modest means of the set.

An average budget in Ligue 1 which exceeds 100 M€

This could be, for the ACA, a harbinger of difficulties to come, it is often the case of the promoted and/or the tightest budgets. Often, but not automatically, the proof being that last season, Clermont, ESTAC and Angers were given for “less rich”, on the starting line, but all three nevertheless won the maintenance. On average, the budget of a Ligue 1 club 2022-2023 remains close, although on the rise, to what it was in the previous financial year, between 115 and 125 million euros, as the close equivalence that could be made of LOSC or OGCN, on reading the accounts of the last seasons. The budgets for elite training are to be read on page two of this dossier.

The budgets of Ligue 1 clubs this season 2022-2023

Club Budget 2022-2023
Paris SG €700 million
Olympique Lyonnais €250m
Olympic Marseille €250m
AS Monaco €240m

Discover the full Ligue 1 2022-2023 budgets on page 2

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