Rachid Trahim, a developer on a mission to democratize his profession

They are in the shadows but occupy a central place in our digitalized daily life. Developer, a very courted job that recruiters are snapping up. In the United States, there is even a starification of these profiles who negotiate by interposed agent. Forbes spoke with one of them, Rachid Trahim, who addresses the shortage in this sector while the opportunities are considerable. The geek is even trying to democratize the profession to encourage vocations.

In France, we often speak of “shortage” to evoke the profession. What do you notice?

Rachid Trahim : IT jobs, especially those related to development, are among the most in demand on the job market. France is no exception to this hunt for developers, and the shortage is particularly marked on expert profiles in the programming language. The phenomenon has been growing for years and there are several studies that point to it.

Looking on Linkedin, we see the many open positions. Why this lack of candidates when the openings are real?

The 2022 LinkedIn ranking presents more than 20 professions for which demand has exploded over the past ten years, in this list we find mainly the category of IT developer. In a digitalized world that is changing at full speed, the needs are enormous! It is difficult to support such a demand in this context where almost all sectors are rushing towards this essential workforce.

Can we speak of a training problem with a lack of anticipation of the exponential needs of the market?

I think it’s more of an orientation issue than anything else. France has enough schools and training centers to welcome and train future developers. Young people must be oriented towards this “new world”, it is also our role to guide them by democratizing our profession. I do it – on my scale – through my YouTube channel in which I explain my daily life, demonstrate the importance of digital technology. My channel also contains tutorials to learn from scratch the basics of Web development…It is important to have this approach.

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What about the feminization of the ‘geek’? Are women developers more numerous today or is it still marginal?

Since the 1980s, the number of women has been constantly increasing, however this trend is also observed among men. In fact, mathematically, men are still an overwhelming majority. Moreover, our female collaborators often create a more fluid and readable code compared to men! I see it. Unfortunately, it is not won yet, mentalities must evolve on this subject in our very masculine geek world.

Rachid Trahim: “The Metaverse revolution will once again place developers at the forefront. »

What place for developers in the metaverse revolution? Threat or opportunity?

The metaverse is more of an opportunity for us code lovers. It is the future of the Internet which will make it possible to connect users in all aspects of their lives: leisure, work, social via 3D technologies, augmented reality headsets. This revolution will once again place developers at the forefront of both implementation and maintenance.

The Internet is your playground. Tell us about your invention around a mobile game?

My specialty is the Web above all, but I have an appetite for many subjects! I am as passionate about mobile applications as I am about mobile games, so much so that I wanted to code to invent a few games. “DizzyShapes” is the most successful, it’s a puzzle game inspired by “1048” and “Crush”. By mixing them, I created a very addictive and playful hobby. At the moment, I am studying a project to create a training center in the digital field. I dream of bringing together in one place all the underlying professions: development, crypto, NFT, graphics etc…. Everything related to new technologies.

What content do you like to offer to your communities on social networks?

I have two YouTube channels, on “Rachid Web”, I offer rather educational content (computing, development and digital). On my “Rachid Web Official” channel, I focus content more on entertainment (podcasts, vlogs, etc.). Of course, I also have a presence on Meta (Instagram and Facebook). This “geek-influencer” side mainly allows me to bring young people closer to digital, to guide them. I tell them about computer schools, training and development languages ​​that are in demand on the job market today. At the request of many subscribers, I had this idea of ​​wanting to go further by working on the launch of a computer training center.

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