PSG beats Gamba Osaka (6-2) in friendly, double for Neymar, Messi and Mbappé scorers, Galtier must work on the defense

The Parisians end their Japanese tour with a demonstration. Christophe Galtier’s players won a big victory over Gamba Osaka on Monday in Suita (6-2) after those over Kawasaki Frontale (2-1) and Urawa Red Diamonds (3-0). Pablo Sarabia, Nuno Mendes, Leo Messi and Kylian Mbappé scored, Neymar scored twice but Paris, not completely serene in defense, still conceded two goals.

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Without Mbappé at kick-off but with Messi as playmaker behind Neymar and Sarabia, PSG first had to get out of the pressing triggered by the 16th in the Japanese championship (out of 18 teams). He then confiscated the ball and began to display his attacking power. However, La Pulga and its partners lacked realism against a very strong Masaaki Higashiguchi in front of his cage (4th, 15th, 20th, 27th).

Paris does not force and exposes itself in defense

After a new goalkeeper parade from Gamba against Messi, Sarabia however followed and found the fault easily from close range (1-0, 28th). The Spaniard thus confirmed his good form over the summer. Neymar also showed his legs and obtained then converted a penalty (2-0, 32nd). Except that PSG suddenly relaxed and Keisuke Kurokawa took the opportunity to reduce the score in stride (2-1, 34th). Nuno Mendes, well offset by his compatriot Vitinha (3-1, 37th) then Messi, served on a plateau by Neymar (4-1, 39th) allowed the visitors to turn largely in the lead at the break.

Despite the 7 Japanese changes to the resumption and two great chances for Messi (50th) and Vitinha (52nd), it was not until the hour mark to see PSG take off on a counter concluded by Neymar (5-1, 60th). Mbappé was able to come off the bench but it was Hiroto Yamami who found the way to the nets in a meeting that became disputed again (5-2, 70th). Galtier changed his entire defense and it struggled to find its bearings in front of reinvigorated and combative Japanese like the former Toulouse player Gen Shoji who was the only one to play the whole match.

Exhausted, the Japanese central defender cracked in the face of the incessant rushes of Mbappé who obtained and converted a penalty in turn (6-2, 87th). Gigio Donnaruma, he still had to work on a shot from the Brazilian Patric (88th). Like his rear guard, the Italian goalkeeper has not always been very reassuring. PSG knows on which axis to progress this week when it returns to France and before the Champions Trophy next Sunday against Nantes.

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