ProovStation, a new technology to estimate your car

The ProovStation company deploys its artificial intelligence portals that will allow you to estimate the price of your car in a few minutes.

ProovStation, the European leader in assisted vehicle inspection solutions, is deploying its all new gates with artificial intelligence in Carrefour supermarket car parks. A revolutionary technology that allows you to estimate the price of your vehicle in a few minutes. To deploy its technology, ProovStation has signed a partnership with the Carrefour group to set up stations in car parks. And with the Michelin and BCA groups for vehicle distribution. According to the company, “Each motorist will have the opportunity to obtain an instantaneous offer to buy back his vehicle based on the objective assessment of his condition”.

Proovstation, how does it work?

It is a kind of big box in which you park your car. The motorist fills in some information on the terminal of the machine. A very quick scan of the vehicle is then launched. It generates, thanks to the artificial intelligence of the machine, a full vehicle diagnostics. The owner then receives a firm purchase offerguaranteed by the BCA group. L’offer is valid for 7 days and includes a state of wear of the bodywork and tires. The owner can then make an appointment to sign the sales contract and plan the recovery of his vehicle. Payment takes place on the same day of collection. The machine works for all types of vehicles and for all brands.

In order to reassure customers, ProovStation ensures that the estimate of the vehicle is free and without appointment. Moreover, the motorist did not no obligation to sell the vehicle following the estimate.

Carrefour as a partner to host the stations

To find these smart stations, you will have to go to the car park of the Carrefour supermarkets. For the moment, two sites have already hosted this station. Those are the Carrefour hypermarkets in Vénissieux and Aix-en-Provence. But in the long term, the ProovStation gates will be deployed in several regions, always in conjunction with Carrefour. A station is for example planned for the start of the school year in Île-de-France. The stations can also be updated with the arrival of new services. For example, the proposal for an estimate on the repairs to be carried out.

Can we trust the Proovstation service?

The technology of ProovStation has something to challenge. Indeed, automobile valuation using artificial intelligence remains a concept difficult to grasp. And yet, the company is very confident about the reliability of the estimates made. ProovStation explains that the transmitted offer is based on the Automotive Scanner of the machine as well as on the up-to-date transaction data and selling prices of the studied vehicle. For this, Proovstation relies on its partner BCA.

In addition, the company also points out that the service is free and that it does not commit the motorist in any way. With this new technology, Proovstation above all brings a new solution on the used vehicle valuation market. Market booming in recent months. This will also limit the increasingly frequent scams on the second-hand market, as we revealed to you on a few weeks ago.

It remains to be seen whether the Proovstation gates will be able to appeal to motorists, who are not necessarily familiar with this type of technology.

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