On Google, ironic or sincere “opinions” on the Roubaix police station

Internet users are not without humor when it comes to giving their opinion on the jails of the Roubaix police station. On Google, they comment on their passage, between irony and sincerity.

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The recommendations

Some Internet users have apparently had a good time in the jails of the police station. If some like Tms78, who came in May, say they have been warmly welcomed “and having lived” a soothing guard. The policeman who handcuffed me was very nice “, others praise the ” refurbished and clean cell, the hearty meal “. Others, like Vianney D., rent a ” police station ready to welcome all types of individuals and offer them a cracker. “. A welcome such as Osama H. ​​would have liked to be able to stay 24 hours longer “. Comments to take – of course – second degree.

Sincere opinions, expressed before the renovation of the jails

Some have taken advantage of the space opened up by the American search engine to denounce drastic conditions, sometimes with a touch of humour, like this Internet user who regrets the absence of TV, handcuffs ” a little too tight.[…] the water was not fresh, the pasta not very good. I do not recommend “.

A surfer comes back to him on the smell that followed him until his arrival in Lille: “ I have never seen police guards as filthy and revolting as that of Roubaix. When I arrived in Lille, I was asked who smelled like that, I said it was me and that I came from Roubaix. »

The literary opinion

Others are more in the analysis like this Internet user under the pseudonym of Vittali Chemora who, it seems, thought a lot about the author of Germinal during his time at the police station four years ago: ” When you enter the Roubaix police station, you dive into Zola’s work and everything is there: darkness, drama, suffering, idleness and determinism. You don’t need to watch great movies or read great authors; to take a trip to the Roubaix police station is to enter head-on into the human condition! »

Nothing to see

Totally ironic opinion or error… Only this Internet user knows: “ Very good pizzeria La Margarita! A simple essential, but still very good. Everything you need. Excellent service, I recommend. »

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