Olivier Pantaloni (AC Ajaccio): “We did not collapse”

“Despite the defeat, are you satisfied with the content?
Yes, and the behavior of the team in general. We got off to a good start, hampering Lyon in the construction of their game. We conceded a goal, well done, when we weren’t expecting it. The second is avoidable, because we know that Lyon likes to play behind the back of the defence. At 0-2, we feared the worst. But we had a good reaction. We felt that the team was not giving up. At 11 against 10, we had more important possibilities.

The idea was to wait patiently for half-time and then go and get them much higher. Unfortunately, Roman (hamouma) gets expelled. It’s a shame not to have been able to come back to score on our highlights. The changes did not bring us more freshness. It’s a shame too, even if it’s still a satisfying, reassuring match, which will allow us to work even harder to get our first points.

Your biggest concern, it remains the offensive sector?
We know that we don’t have a lot of possibilities to find a high-performance striker in Ligue 1. But we are trying to find him.

What can you blame your players for?
At halftime, I already congratulated them. We may not have great qualities like other teams, but we have a strength of character and that’s what came out tonight. (Friday night). We did not collapse against an ogre of this Championship. Lyon even took the hit at the start of the second half. We were able to take advantage of it and that’s where we had our good times. But we weren’t able to equalize and after that it was more complicated. Even if there is a defeat in the end, we can take a lot of positives out of it. »


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