New Google Photos Update: Added Photo Creator

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(Pocket-lint) – Google has announced new features coming to Chromebooks, including a video editor and movie maker for Google Photos.

The update will first be available to Chromebook users this fall, Google said in a blog post. If you have a Chromebook, you’ll be able to create an “end-to-end movie consisting of multiple video clips, photos, a title card, and music.” You can suggest themes to the Google Photos app as well as specific photos and videos so it can generate a movie for you. You can also opt for the white canvas, selecting and arranging the content as you wish, with the option to “trim video clips or edit them to adjust brightness, contrast, etc.

The new Google Photos app will also include what Google calls Real Tone filters. These filters were designed to “work well on all skin tones”.

According to Google, it will be possible to switch between editing in Chromebooks Gallery, Files apps and the Google Photos app itself, so you can open a video in the Gallery app and upload it directly to Google Photos to edit it seamlessly.

This feature will arrive later this year as part of a Chrome OS update. Google hasn’t announced whether these video editing features will be available in the Google Photos mobile apps for iOS and Android yet, but most of the app’s new features are generally available across all platforms. We suspect Chromebook users are simply going first, with other devices expected to follow.

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Written by Maggie Tillman.

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