Monday’s Roundup: LeBron, Google Maps, E-Bike Disappointment, and More

Welcome to the first day of August and the start of another wonderful week here at BikePortland. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff to share, so let’s start with a roundup of the most notable things our writers and readers have come across over the past seven days…

Bikesketball: NBA star and cultural icon LeBron James has put his money where his passion is with a $30 million investment in Canyon Bicycles.

Zach is back: Zach Katz, the former Portlander behind Healthier Hawthorne, is back in the news for launching a viral Twitter account (@betterstreetsai) where he posts jaw-dropping street transformations created with an AI tool.


DOT going to ‘DOT: Texas activists are raising the red flag over their DOTs freeway expansion plans, which are somehow almost always found to have “no significant impact” on the surrounding community and therefore may circumvent a thorough environmental analysis.

E-bikes left out: The “Cutting Inflation Act” that stormed the Capitol last week includes massive subsidies for electric cars but nothing for e-bikes.

Why the above is bad: In an opinion piece for the CBC, author Paris Marx explains why too much focus on electric cars is bad policy — a choice that won’t solve the problems many governments want us to believe.

The car as a weapon: A Mississippi man shared a video on social media that showed him intentionally driving his car into a group of teenagers and saying vile things like earning points for punching them and calling them racial slurs.

Good news : Politico details why gasoline prices are expected to stay high in the future As society moves away from internal combustion engines, oil companies struggle to keep up with demand, the vehicle fleet shifts to electric cars and investors are betting on renewable energies.

The hill they climbed: NY Times has a great article on the history of the Tour de France Women, the women who laid the groundwork for the recent event and the continued push for equality in women’s professional cycling racing.

Follow the money: Joe Cortright’s latest film at the City Observatory highlights the doublespeak of the Oregon Department of Transportation as they frame an urgent need for money for maintenance and operations, while continuing to spend that money for new roads and highways.

Best bike routing: Google Maps has announced an update to their biking routes which includes details on what kind of road conditions to expect, whether or not you’ll encounter steep hills, and more.

Thanks to everyone who sent links this week!

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