Meta has sights on eye-tracking technology without cameras

Meta has not yet found the technological martingale for its mixed reality glasses, and it is not for lack of multiplying the prototypes. To get closer, we must continue to invest heavily and take out the checkbook to buy start-ups and their promising gray matter.

Image: AdHawk Microsystems.

This is why Meta would have the idea of ​​acquiring AdHawk Microsystems, a Canadian company specializing in eye tracking for virtual and augmented reality headsets. Facebook’s parent company could make a firm offer in the coming weeks, understands Bloomberg. Although the publication warns that there is no guarantee that Meta will commit to anything (four other contenders are said to be in the running).

Nevertheless, the technology developed by AdHawk has a certain interest for metaverse projects. The company has developed connected glasses called MindLink, which are intended more for research projects rather than for the general public (if only for their price: $10,000). These glasses follow the gaze without the aid of cameras. AdHawk assures that the accuracy of this system is better and it can record thousands of data per second.

The company indicates that this technology can be useful for applications in health, video games, or in everyday life for all kinds of activities. Eye tracking will be central to future mixed reality experiences. Meta’s Quest Pro should thus integrate something similar, but with cameras. Not to mention Apple’s headphones, which could also be able to follow the user’s eyes.


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