Manchester United: Ronaldo’s daring request

Wishing to leave Manchester United this summer to play in the next Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo has asked to be released from his last year of contract, according to the English press. The Portuguese striker hopes to facilitate his signing for another club.

Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t changed his mind. One year from the end of his contract, the 37-year-old striker wants to leave Manchester United to play in the Champions League next season. Something that the Mancunian club, qualified for the Europa League, cannot offer him.

Sixth in the Premier League last season, MU failed to qualify for the most prestigious of European competitions. And as much to say that a participation in the Europa League does not really thrill CR7, he who remains on 19 consecutive participations in the Champions League. A competition he wants to continue playing as he inevitably approaches the end of his career. For that, he will have to leave Old Trafford.

Ronaldo has requested a termination of contract

Absent from the preparation tour in Thailand and Australia, Ronaldo returned to Manchester on Tuesday with his agent and discussed his future with his leaders. The Daily Mail reveals that during this meeting, the Portuguese international informed the club that he wanted to be released from his last year of contract! By finding himself free, he hopes to find a base more easily and allows MU to offload a monthly salary estimated at around 1.7 million euros.

Unsurprisingly, the request for the fivefold Ballon d’Or was met with a refusal from the Mancunian management. The Red Devils replied that they still had no intention of parting with it this summer. The situation therefore remains tense and the discussions have not succeeded in changing Ronaldo’s opinion regarding his wish to leave, but he intends to remain professional by hoping for a positive development for him by the end of the transfer window.

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