Beyond the communication made today by DIOR, which appears in the appendix to this press release (available here), LUCIBEL presents the main axes of its exclusive strategic partnership with DIOR signed on July 22, 2022.

As part of this partnership, DIOR intends to deploy professional versions of the OVE beauty mask by LUCIBEL in its spas in some thirty countries in order to offer a unique beauty experience to its customers.

Launched on the market in June 2021, the OVE beauty mask constitutes a technological revolution in cosmetics using light. Its scientifically proven superior effectiveness makes Lucibel’s OVE mask a reference in the world.

In certain markets, DIOR will also offer its customers the BtoC version of the OVE mask in its stores and on its website, in order to extend the experience at home.

Partial exclusivity has been granted by LUCIBEL on the different versions of its OVE beauty mask in return for a guaranteed minimum annual turnover. The 1time order placed by DIOR amounts to one million euros, for beauty masks which should be delivered during the 4th quarter 2022.

LUCIBEL remains free to market its products in BtoC on its website. www.lucibelleparis.comthrough its direct sales network and with certain external partners.

As part of this contract, DIOR has undertaken to communicate widely, in particular on its social networks, on the integration of these beauty masks into its offer, in France and in each country in which they will be deployed or marketed.

Following the signature of this partnership, Frédéric Granotier, Founding President of LUCIBEL indicated:

“This strategic partnership with DIOR is a major milestone in the history of LUCIBEL. It demonstrates the relevance of LUCIBEL’s vision on the potential for value creation through disruptive applications enabled by LED technology beyond lighting.

It is our mastery of LED technology in all its applications that has enabled us to market one of the most effective beauty masks in the world, the effectiveness and harmlessness of which have been demonstrated. It is these exceptional performances, combined with an elegant design imagined by Olivier Lapidus, which convinced the house of DIOR to include it in its offer.

While LED technology is making a sudden irruption in cosmetic care protocols, the LUCIBEL group, a pioneer in cosmetics using light for 10 years, intends to maintain its technological leadership in this field and make its subsidiary Lucibelle Paris the brand of benchmark luxury in terms of cosmetic devices through light”.

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About Lucibel Group

Founded in 2008 by Frédéric Granotier, the Lucibel group designs and manufactures new generation lighting products and solutions in France using LED technology. The Group is a pioneer in new applications made possible by LEDs beyond lighting, such as Internet access through light (LiFi), Cronos (lighting fixture that restores the benefits of natural light indoors) or even Lucibelle Paris, a range of cosmetic solutions using LED technology. Lucibel is listed on Euronext Growth.

Lucibel is listed on Euronext Growth Paris / Symbol: ALUCI / ISIN Code: FR0011884378

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