Japan Chooses Israeli Technology To Digitize Its Roads

InnovizOne’s LiDAR sensors will be installed on Japan Post delivery vehicles

Japan Post, a private company under the jurisdiction of the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications that offers postal and logistics services as well as banking and insurance, aims to set up a digital map database using the technology from Israeli vision software startup Innoviz, the daily reported Israel Hayom.

Japan Post hopes to get a digital database of mapped roads that can pave the way for smart city services like self-driving and unmanned deliveries.

On Wednesday at Scrum Ventures’ SmartCityX conference in San Francisco, Japan Post announced that it plans to install InnovizOne LiDAR sensors on its postal delivery cars. Delivery vehicles equipped with InnovizOne will collect information on changing roads and buildings along delivery routes.

Autonomous on-road delivery vehicles are a near-term priority for cities increasingly looking for efficient ways to move people and goods. Japan’s smart city technology market is expected to grow from nearly $45 billion in 2021 to over $93 billion in 2027.

“Cities are evolving and emerging stronger than ever from the pandemic,” said Michael Proman, managing director of Scrum Ventures and SmartCityX. “Collaborations between our Japanese partners and participating startups transcend multiple smart city categories and represent some of the most thoughtful and innovative solutions deployed around the world. We are excited to help drive these efforts forward,” he said. .

“We greatly appreciate such an innovative and possibility-rich approach to solving local problems across the country using Innoviz’s solution,” said Japan Post General Manager Yoshihiro Gomi. “We hope that the combination of our assets and the InnovizOne LiDAR sensor will lead to the creation of a new business,” he added.

“Our innovative collaboration with Japan Post highlights the versatility of Innoviz LiDAR and is another example of new ways to use LiDAR in smart cities,” said Innoviz Technologies Asia Branch Manager David Oberman.

“We are grateful for the resources and support of Scrum Ventures to accelerate the deployment of our InnovizOne LiDAR sensors to build digital maps and bring value to Japanese residents,” he concluded.

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