Important absences in Dijon ⋆ – Foot – ASSE

Saint-Etienne and Dijon will open the ball tomorrow afternoon. The 2022-2023 Ligue 2 season will begin with this first call. If the Greens will have to do with several absent players, it will be the same for the Burgundians.

The meeting is expected. Two teams programmed to play the top of the classification. Two quality squads for Ligue 2. Two coaches who are on the rise, renowned after their latest experiences. A stadium that should fill up with hundreds of expected Saint-Etienne residents. Despite Ligue 2, we obviously manage to look forward to this first meeting.

If Laurent Batlles will have to deal with significant absences, Omar Daf is not spared either. In addition to Lucas Deaux, who has been injured for several weeks, and Alex Dobre, striker Aurélien Scheidler will miss the match.

This name may mean nothing to you. Yet it is the top scorer Dijon last year. In 2021 – 2022, the 24-year-old French striker has not missed a match. 38 matches played! Meetings where he will have weighed since he scored 12 achievements during the season. One less weapon for Oma Daf and the DFCO.

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Omar Daf:Lucas Deaux did not resume sessions with the group. Alex Dobre is in rehabilitation and there is the injury of Aurélien Scheidler (ankle). Valentin Jacob still has a session this morning, we will review later. Aurélien’s injury is less serious than we thought. We are hopeful that he can recover quickly.”

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