How to Schedule a Text Message on Samsung (Samsung and Google Msgs)

Do you want to send text messages at a certain time (delayed text message) on your Samsung Galaxy phone like S22, S21 and or others? If this is the case for you, you’ve come to the right place. So, in this article you will learn the easiest way to program a text message on a samsung Galaxy phone. We will try to explain this both on the Samsung messaging and Google Mail.

During this time, each SMS message should not be sent immediately. It’s simple to schedule a text for later, perhaps to avoid sending it in the middle of the night and disturbing the person who is dumb enough not to have their phone in do not disturb mode. And you can do this no matter what version of Android you have, but you may need to use a third-party app in some circumstances.

Whether you have friends or relatives who work and live different hours than you do, or you find yourself sending more “happy belated birthday” messages than you’d like, the option to schedule text messages to advance is a fantastic tool.


Text scheduling used to be an uncommon feature in Android, but today several apps, including native Android SMS apps, let you compose messages and send them later.

How to Schedule a Text Message on a Samsung Phone (Samsung and Google Messages)

This feature is unique to Google’s Messages app and phones from some OEMs. This feature is most commonly found on Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi phones. However, keep in mind that this feature is not available on all of their products. Also, if you purchased a carrier-locked phone, native integration of this feature will be determined by your mobile carrier.

Send Delayed Text Message on Samsung Messages

Here are the steps to schedule a text message on the Samsung Messages app:

Step 1. Open the Samsung messaging application.

2nd step. Create a new text message that you want to send later.

Step 3. To display more possibilities, press the The arrow to the left of the text box, then press the plus “+” button.

Step 4. Here press Schedule a post.

Step 5. Put it on time and Date for the message to send, then touch Do.

Step 6. Finally, to send the message at the specified time, use the Send button.

How to Schedule a Text Message on Samsung [Samsung & Google Msgs]

schedule a text message on samsung for samsung messages app

After sending it, you will receive confirmation that it is a scheduled message that will not reach the recipient until the day and time you have chosen. Tap the clock symbol next to the message to add more text, send it immediately, or cancel it.

schedule text messages samsung google messages 3

Text at a certain time on Google Messages

Google has unveiled a new feature for Android phones that lets you schedule text messages for later delivery.

Here’s how to schedule text messages on the Google Messages app:

  • Launch it Google Mail app on your Samsung Galaxy phone.
  • Create new text.
  • Press and hold the Send button and select Scheduled send.

schedule text messages samsung google messages 4

  • A schedule menu appears. Choose when you want to send it: later today, later tonight, tomorrowor later date and time.
  • Faucet Send.
How to Schedule a Text Message on Samsung [Samsung & Google Msgs]

schedule a text message on google messages

The message will now include a small clock symbol to indicate that it is scheduled text.

How to Schedule a Text Message on Samsung [Samsung & Google Msgs]

Here are the steps on how to schedule a text message on a Samsung Galaxy phone for Google and Samsung Messages apps.

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