How to Enable iPhone Reactions to Google Messages on Samsung

Do you want to get iPhone iMessage reactions as emoji on Google Messages on Samsung Android phones? In this guide, we’ll tell you how enable iPhone reactions on Google Messages on Samsung Android phones.

One of Apple’s most popular apps is iMessage. It didn’t take long for Google to include the ability to send replies to messages in its own messaging tool.

When you have a group chat on your iPhoneiMessage the answers are helpful. For the uninitiated, it lets you quickly reply to a specific message and let the sender know you’ve read it. They’re technically known as “Tapbacks,” and they help decipher a group’s muddled speech. And who these days doesn’t love emoji reactions? Nowadays, “an emoji is worth a thousand words”.


When you’re an Android user chatting with an iPhone user, or worse, if you’re in a group chat with other iPhone users, they can quickly become an annoyance. Incompatibility – for want of anything better – between the two operating systems is often a source of frustration for customers.

What you will learn in this guide:

Thanks to Google App, Android Users Can Now See iMessage Reactions

Google Messages is currently one of the most popular text messaging programs on most Android handsets, due to its iMessage-like WiFi messaging integration. Plus, unlike built-in messaging apps for local brands like Samsung, Oppo, and others, it would be available on more devices and enable interconnectivity.

Google’s native messaging program, “Google Messages,” has launched a test system that now recognizes iMessage replies as valid emojis rather than text or words. Users used to receive the SMS message as “Andrew: I liked ‘Are you mad?’”, but Android now displays the thumbs-up emoji on the text bubble.

How to Enable iPhone iMessage Reactions to Google Messages on Samsung Galaxy

As you all know, Google Messages comes pre-installed on most Galaxy phones. However, if not, you can always download it from Google Play Store.

So here is the process to enable iPhone emoji reactions to Google messages on Samsung phones:

Step 1. Open the Google Mail app on your Samsung phone, then tap Set default SMS app. After that select Google Mail and press Define by default.

Set Google Messages as default app

2nd step. Now press the 3 dot menu and select Settings.

How to Enable iPhone Reactions to Google Messages on Samsung


Step 3. On the Settings page, tap Advanced.

Step 4. Finally, activate Show iPhone reactions as emoji.

How to Enable iPhone Reactions to Google Messages on Samsung

Enable iPhone Reactions on Google Messages

If you’ve ever dealt with a friend who likes to reply to every message they receive, not caring about the trash they send you, now you can come back to our chats without worrying. Texting and reacting to your heart’s content is a great way to pass the time.

In today’s world, Android and iOS

People were debating which operating system was superior back then, and there was a rivalry between Android and iOS. Some discuss the quality of the camera (back and front), UI or experience speed, tweaks, customization hacks and usability and functionality. openness of the device to numerous functions.

In today’s world, however, there isn’t much rivalry between iOS and Android. Indeed, Apple and Google are aware of their strengths and their vulnerabilities. People have agreed that iOS 15 has a lot to give and a lot to miss, and so does the arrival of Android 12.

Additionally, Apple and Google have developed apps for other operating systems that seamlessly integrate with both smartphone operating systems.

The generation has come to a point where Android and iOS can communicate well through the iMessage platform, with no distinction between the two operating systems. Functionality simply indicates that the world is growing and that interconnection does not have to be limited to a single operating system or system for individuals to benefit from technological advances.

That’s it. These are the steps to enable iPhone iMessage reactions as emoji to Google messages on Samsung phones. As long as you use the Google SMS app to communicate, all reactions to messages from your iPhone will now appear as emojis on your Android smartphone.

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