How to buy music on Android without Google Play

Google shut down the Google Play Music service in 2020 and left a hole open when it comes to buying music on Android. This article covers different ways to buy music using currently available stores.

How to buy music on Android?

The following music services are the most popular and offer the largest selection of music you can buy and play on Android.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is currently the best service that offers a comprehensive digital music store for purchasing MP3s to then stream or download to your device. Browse entire genres and buy entire albums or individual tracks. Download Amazon Music from the Google Play store.

If you’re a music lover, Bandcamp is a great service for discovering new music that often doesn’t get played on commercial radio stations. Bandcamp only takes a small commission, so most of the purchase price goes directly to the item. Big bands probably won’t be on Bandcamp, but since they already have outlets (Amazon, Apple, etc.), it’s a great place to discover new things. Download Bandcamp from the Google Play store.

eMusic is similar to Bandcamp in that it focuses on supporting new artists that you probably won’t find on any of the more popular subscription streaming services like Spotify or Amazon Music. You can buy single songs or entire albums. Download eMusic for Android from the Google Play store.

Apple Music and iTunes

While the Apple Music streaming service gets all the attention, the old iTunes Store still exists and is where you buy music. But this is where things get a little complicated.

On a Mac, you use the Music app to listen to music and buy songs or albums. If you’re using Windows, you’ll need to install iTunes for Windows to purchase music and use the Apple Music app for Android to listen to music. When you use the Apple Music app for Android (and you’re signed in to your account), the app should recognize any songs you’ve purchased through iTunes.

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