How the weather is wreaking havoc on mobile networks in Limousin

Let it be said at the outset: “It’s not the heat that’s the problem. on the network”, clarifies the regional representative of the operator Orange, Franck Aupetit. Admittedly, summer is a “sensitive” period for equipment, but it is above all for its storms, and the Limousin has not been spared lately.

Do high temperatures have an influence on the quality of Internet and telephone connections in Limousin?

The phenomenon of heat is not new. It is in its proportions, but very hot and very dry weather is heaven for us! When the weather is like today (yesterday), the number of problem reports does not change. We use hardened electronics with components designed to withstand temperatures that even exceed those experienced today.we ventilate the cupboards, we air-condition some buildings… Despite this, it is true that the copper network can stretch and cause the connection to move, but the fiber, which is gradually supplanting it, is very resistant, as are 4G antennas .

However, summer is a period that you describe as sensitive for the networks… What do you fear?

We have much more difficulty with storms, wind and floods, which global warming favors. The number of disturbances can be multiplied by ten during this period, for thunderstorms: lightning can enter the cables, puncture them or burn them, humidity can then rush in and rust them, while the wind moves the branches, which rub the cables and unhook them or damage them. The thunderstorms of the past few days will generate reports, we know that. Those of April were quite violent for us and those of June are still mobilizing us. The repairs required reinforcements from all over France! That said, when the fixed network drops, the 4G network takes over, because it is, again, very protected and little affected.

Does Limousin have any particular weaknesses?

The Haute-Vienne has an area particularly exposed to storms, just below the Millevaches plateau. For the floods, I am thinking of the area of Saint-Pantaleon-de-Larche, in Corrèze, which overflows quite regularly, but it is not dramatic for the network and it is a phenomenon which does not occur in summer. And then we have solutions to cope: raise the cabinets, place the exchanges (the heart of the network) in an area not subject to flooding, use waterproof boxes, etc.

We have heard in recent days that our network is linked to that of the Gironde. Did the fire have local consequences?

None, it is simply impossible! Limousin has its own exchanges, it is in no way dependent on the Gironde!

Telephones: Good reflexes to avoid overheating
Smartphones, on the other hand, do not like heat at all. To save them as best as possible, put them in the shade and cut off unnecessary connections (wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.) which require the telephone to continue. Also remove the shell from time to time and, if you have to use it as a GPS on the road on vacation, attach it near the vehicle’s air vents.

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