Honda is currently working on a new “LKAS” system that will act as a lane-keeping assistant to correct your trajectory itself.

It is a technology already present in large numbers in our cars and which can fortunately be deactivated for those who are annoyed by it. Your vehicle constantly analyzes your trajectory and – in addition to warning you – can automatically correct your direction so that you do not inadvertently drift into the adjacent lane. Assistance present in Honda cars and that the brand intends to transfer to its two wheels.

According to the patents filed, the system would take place on the fork crown, instead of the steering damper, and could be adapted to a large part of the range. It is obviously accompanied by a radar and a camera and will therefore be able to bring your bike back into its lane if it analyzes that you are going to cross the line without having really intended to. The system promises to be transparent and only kick in when you haven’t intentionally changed direction.

Honda LKAS patent Honda LKAS patent Honda LKAS patent