High Performance Polyurethane Elastomers Market Applications, Overview, Size, Growth, Trends, Demand, Types, Technology, Industry Analysis and Forecast Research Report 2028

The global market for high performance polyurethane elastomers is expected to reach a market size of USD 27.19 billion at a rapid CAGR of 4.3% in 2028, according to the latest analysis from Emergen Research. Rising demand from the automotive industry and the footwear industry is a key factor driving the growth of the market. Durability, high temperature resistance, cut resistance and abrasion resistance are important properties that increase the demand for polyurethane elastomers. Being lightweight, polyurethane elastomers are widely used in the automotive industry to make body panels, bumpers, exterior and interior components.

Rising demand for lighter vehicles with better fuel efficiency is also driving the market in the right direction. The auto industry’s need to control carbon emissions drives them to produce lightweight vehicles. Increasing population across the globe is also a major factor contributing to the growth of the market. Rising construction activities and rapid urbanization in developing economies across the globe are further propelling the growth of the market. The expansion of the industrial vertical in countries like the United States, Canada, and India is also adding to the growth of the market.

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Main highlights of the report

In January 2021, Huntsman Corporation acquired Gabriel Performance Products to further expand its chemical product portfolio.

In February 2021, Covestro developed a wearable smart patch concept. This smart patch can be applied to the skin in which the electronics are embedded. This will provide a wide range of possibilities for medical diagnosis in the healthcare sector.

In August 2020, an innovative machine for the direct infusion of polyurethane rotor blades was developed by Covestro. This will help achieve high efficiency and intelligent flow control from the blades.

Emergen Research has segmented the global high performance polyurethane elastomers market based on type, application, and region:

Type Outlook (revenue, billion USD; 2018-2028)

Thermoset PU elastomers

Thermoplastic PU elastomers

Outlook Application (Revenue, USD Billion; 2018-2028)



Building and construction


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The competitive landscape of the report has been formulated considering all the essential parameters such as company profiling, market share, recent developments and advancements, gross margins, product portfolio, revenue generation, financial condition, market position and expansion plans. The report also examines in detail recent mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, collaborations, product launches and brand promotions, agreements, corporate and government agreements, and partnerships, among others. The report also throws light on recent technological developments and product advancements in the High Performance Polyurethane Elastomer market.

The main market players are BASF SE, Covestro AG, DowDuPont, Eurofoam Group Co., Huntsman Corp., Recticel SA, Mitsui Chemicals, Wanhua Industrial Group, Armacell Enterprise GmbH & Co. KG, Carpenter Co.

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Regional analysis:

The report further examines the market in key regions of the world with respect to production and consumption patterns, import/export, supply/demand ratio, revenue generation, market share and size. , and the presence of leading players in the regions. The report also covers the expansion plans undertaken by the companies in the regions under the regional analysis section.

The major market regions are as follows:

North America








Rest of EU

Asia Pacific




South Korea


Rest of APAC

Latin America




Rest of Latin America

Middle East and Africa

Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates

South Africa

Rest of the MEA

on high performance polyurethane elastomer:

comprehensive analysis of the changing competitive landscape

Help with decision-making processes for companies as well as detailed strategic planning methodologies

globalelastomers market

Helps in understanding the key product segments and their estimated growth rate

In-depth analysis of market drivers, restraints, trends and opportunities

Comprehensive regional analysis of the global high performance polyurethane elastomers market

In-depth profiling of key business stakeholders

Detailed s factor analysis influencing the growth of the global high performance polyurethane elastomers market

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