he throws away his hard drive containing 165 million euros then uses robot dogs to search the dump

In 2013, James Howells mistakenly threw away his hard drive with his wallet password containing 8,000 Bitcoins. Today, this disc is therefore worth millions of euros that the investor intends to recover. To do this, he plans to excavate from top to bottom the landfill where the disc is, even if it means using dog robots.

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James Howells is one of those investors who was there at the start of the cryptocurrency boom. In 2013, the latter already holds 8000 Bitcoins, the equivalent today of more than 165 million euros. A certain sum therefore, which James Howells nevertheless decides to throw (literally) in the trash. Indeed, for some reason he cannot explain, he decides to get rid of your hard drive containing the password of his wallet.

These stories of investors losing their credentials are now common. More or less substantial, the losses generated are most often counted, at least, by several tens of thousands of euros. The phenomenon is so widespread that it has even become a fruitful market for hackers, who now do not hesitate to offer their services to find the famous password. James Howells has a more radical idea in mind.

He spends thousands of euros to recover millions

Inevitably, the investor is now trying by all means to recover his hard drive. And the means, precisely, he has them. James Howells is convinced that the hard drive is now in the massive Newport landfill, in Wales. His plan is relatively simple: examine every square inch of the area in the hope of stumbling upon the little fellow, in the middle of 110,000 tons of waste.

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To do this, James Howells spares no expense. In total, it plans to pay almost 11 million euros to Newport City Council for permission to search the dump. Next, he plans to hire several workers to comb the area, as well as experts in artificial intelligence, waste management and data recovery.

That’s not all. James Howells also acquired two Boston Dynamics robot dogs, each costing $74,500. Only here, for the moment, the investor has not received any excavation authorization from Newport. “His proposals present a significant ecological risk, which we cannot accept and which the terms of our permit prevent us from considering.“, explains the city council.

Source: Business Insider

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