Google wants to kill cookies… but not before 2024

Google is once again postponing its plan to phase out third-party cookies on Chrome. This time, the project is postponed to the second half of 2024.


Google has just announced again the postponement of its plan to eliminate cookies which were part of the changes promised for its Privacy Sandbox. A new trial period extension now pushes back the removal of third-party cookie support in Chrome.

A project postponed to 2024

If you no longer want to see third-party cookies in Chrome, you will now have to wait until the second half of 2024. This is now the new deadline by which Google intends to eliminate third-party cookies, which in their current state somewhat oppose the concept of confidentiality. These are usually used to track users between sites and determine profiles to monetize them for advertising, when that’s not worse.

Google has been trying for some time to get rid of it with its FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) system supposed to replace the current cookies. But this one failed, with some people doubting its ability to serve as an alternative.

Google back with a new proposal

So the company reiterated with a new, slightly revised Privacy Sandbox using a feature called “Topics” to group users into targeted ad categories instead of using FLoC’s cohort system. (see section “Reactions and reviews» from the link opposite to better understand)

Google cookie removal plan 2024
Source: Google

The APIs that Google uses are being tested by developers until 2023 in a public way and users will have the choice to manage their participation. It will therefore be necessary to wait a little longer before seeing the cookies disappear for good.

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