Google TV, the Android TV replacement, could get free live TV channels


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get free streaming TV channels without downloading an app or signing up for a new service? Well, you might get it soon if you’re a Google TV user, 9to5Google has decompiled the latest version of the software and reports the company’s TV streaming platform (formerly Android TV) contains text that hints to 50 live TV channels included.

The alleged new feature appears to be called “Google TV Channels” based on text found in the launcher app. And there is also an image in the software that indicates which channels will be included in the new service. It’s the usual lineup of free internet streamed channels like ABC News Live, NBC News Now and USA Today. There are also a bunch of background noise channels like Divorce Court, American Classics and Deal or no Deal. You’ll even get the Hallmark Movies channel and enjoy the one where a big-city lawyer learns to like the simple things after falling in love with a rugged baker. And you’ll get the Reelz channel where you can apparently watch my actor friend play a soft-spoken cop.

Many of these channels are readily available on other free or cheap streaming TV services, including Pluto TV, Philo, and Sling TV. But these are services you should sign up for, as Google takes the approach that some TV makers like LG and Samsung are doing with their smart TVs – giving shoppers something to watch with just a few clicks of a remote. Google’s 50 channels seem slim compared to 175+ with LG channels and 200+ with Samsung’s TV Plus, but you probably won’t need to buy a brand new TV or download an app to get one. to profit from.


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