Google: these PlayStore applications are infected with malware

Google was forced to remove dozens of apps from the Play Store that transmitted malware: Joker, FaceStealer and Coper. These malware are known (and recognized) for their devastating effects, they are able to recover identification information, intercept messages, record user keystrokes and messages…

As an official store, the Play Store is supposed to be reliable and secure, but that doesn’t prevent malware from getting lodged there by regularly making changes in the code or as a SaaS (a software paid as a service ), so you have to keep a close eye before venturing on it.

To avoid getting infected, the experts at Zscaler advise not to install untrusted and untrusted apps. You also have to focus on applications with a very high number of installations, positive reviews and turn to suppliers that you know. Also, don’t grant listening permissions or increased accessibility permissions to apps you don’t fully trust. And finally, be extra careful with messaging apps because they can circulate potentially infected links.

Here is the list of affected applications:

Present in 53 applications that have been downloaded more than 330,000 times, this malware has been detected by security experts from Pradeo and Zscaler.

  • Single Note Scanner
  • Universal PDF Scanner
  • Private Messenger
  • Premium SMS
  • Smart Messages
  • Text Emoji SMS
  • Blood Pressure Checker
  • Funny Keyboard
  • Memory Silent Camera
  • Custom Themed Keyboard
  • Light Messages
  • Themes Photo Keyboard
  • Send SMS
  • Themes Chat Messenger
  • Instant Messenger
  • Cool Keyboard
  • Emoji Keyboard Fonts
  • Mini PDF Scanner
  • Smart SMS Messages
  • Creative Emoji Keyboard
  • Fancy SMS
  • Emoji Keyboard Fonts
  • Personal Message
  • Funny Emoji Message
  • Magic Photo Editor
  • Professional Message
  • All Photo Translator
  • text chat
  • Smile Emoji
  • Wow Translator
  • All Language Translate
  • Cool Posts
  • Blood Pressure Diary
  • SMS Text Chat
  • Hi Text SMS
  • Emoji Theme Keyboard
  • iMessenger
  • Text SMS
  • Camera Translator
  • Come Messages
  • Painting Photo Editor
  • Rich Theme Message
  • Quick Talk Message
  • Advanced SMS
  • Professional Messenger
  • Classic Game Messenger
  • Style Message
  • Private Game Messages
  • Timestamp Camera
  • Social Post

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