Google postpones the end of third-party cookies to 2024: what you need to know

Google decides to postpone the deletion of third-party cookies on Chrome for a year.

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The main reason: Google is extending the testing of Privacy Sandbox APIs. © Thaspol –

Initially, Google had planned to end third-party cookies in 2022, then took the decision to postpone the deadline to the end of 2023. The American giant now plans to eliminate third-party cookies for mid-2024. Google is struggling to move forward with its Privacy Sandbox project. As a reminder, the ultimate goal is to eliminate third-party cookies by replacing them with new targeting methods that guarantee user privacy.

Why Google is still delaying the end of third-party cookies

For several months, Google has been deploying Privacy Sandbox APIs on Chrome in a trial version so that developers can test them. These APIs include: Google Topics, its latest ad targeting method to replace FLoC. As a reminder, the FLoC method was Google’s first proposal to replace third-party cookies, it was very controversial and provoked strong reactions from tech players, which inevitably slowed down the progress of the Privacy Sandbox project. In the end, the firm decided to abandon FLoC in January 2022.

In its blog post published yesterday, Google indicates that it works with many stakeholders: developers, publishers, marketers, regulatory authorities via forums such as the W3C… An agreement has even been concluded with the Autorité des marchés de la concurrence du United Kingdom (CMA) regarding the development and launch of the Privacy Sandbox worldwide. But all these tech players need more time to test new devices (and ensure that user privacy is well respected…): “Many of these stakeholders have indicated that they need more time to evaluate and test the new Privacy Sandbox APIs before removing third-party cookies in Chrome, which is consistent with our commitments to the CMA. »

Thus, Google is extending its testing phases for the APIs of the Privacy Sandbox, which therefore postpones the deactivation of third-party cookies on Chrome.

Google’s new rollout schedule

Google announces new deadlines:

  • Early August 2022: Privacy Sandbox trials will be expanded to millions of users worldwide (gradual rollout to 2023).
  • By the third quarter of 2023: Privacy Sandbox APIs will be deployed and available on Chrome.
  • For mid-2024: third-party cookies will be permanently deleted on Chrome.
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Good to know: Google has a dedicated page for updates to its Privacy Sandbox project schedule.

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