Google optimizes its desktop apps for Android tablets

For years, Google has done nothing to make life easier for Android tablet users. But for some time now, the search engine has made amends, first with Android 12L, a version of the operating system better suited to large screens, then by asking developers to optimize their applications.

But you are never better served than by yourself. Google has therefore announced that within a few weeks, it will be possible to drag and drop text and all kinds of elements between two windows of its office apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides and Keep). It is also compatible with Chrome.

Google Drive will even allow two windows of the same application to be displayed. And all apps will be entitled to keyboard shortcuts! For iPad users, all this is nothing very new, but it is true that Apple is much more invested in the field of tablets. Unlike Google, which (again) has everything to prove after the abandonment of the Pixel Slate in 2019.

During Google I/O, the company unveiled the launch next year of a brand new tablet, which we really don’t know much about.


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