Google offers “Ads Creative Studio” to businesses around the world!

In beta last year, Ads Creative Studio is now available in a stable version worldwide! Google thus promises companies to adapt their ads to their targets.

Better visibility thanks to Ads Creative Studio

The platform of Google makes it possible to set up several hundred versions of the same advertising in display or video format. It is also possible to adapt them to the desired audiences. And this, regardless of their geographical location or their official language! Therefore, if you are in France and want to reach new targets on the other side of the world, with a singular advertisement, it is possible with Ads Creative Studio. Thus, it increases the visibility of a company. And this, without difficulty! Indeed, it is not you who undertake to know the place where each target is. But good Google!

Photo credit: YouTube Advertisers

The rules are yours

Ads Creative Studio adapts to your requests! So that the platform can select the right elements when adapting to targets, she trusts your rules. Indeed, for the concept to work, it is up to you to select the elements that can be modified. And it’s also up to you to bring the different creative versions of that same element. At the same time, you need to select the information related to the targets you want to hit. And voila ! Ads Creative Studio takes care of the rest!

Thus, thanks to the elements that you have provided as well as the rules that you have imposed on the platform, Google adjust your advertisement depending on the target you want to hit. This method also allows an increase in views vis-à-vis the ads and a reduction in costs.

Photo credit: Google

It is therefore possible for companies around the world to test this new way of promoting their campaignsmerely !

Photo credit: Pexels / fauxels

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