Google Maps: impossible to lose your car thanks to this hidden feature

News hardware Google Maps: impossible to lose your car thanks to this hidden feature

If you happen to be airheaded and forget where you parked your car, Google Maps may just have the feature you need! We tell you everything in this article.

Google Maps is here to make your city life easier

You are probably familiar with Google and its Google Maps mapping service. Used most of the time to locate a destination or plan a route whether by transport, on foot or by car, the application is full of hidden features. Released in 2005 following the takeover of the Australian company Where 2 TechnologiesGoogle Maps is today:

  • 200 countries mapped
  • 87 with Street View
  • Over 25 million daily updates
  • 1 billion monthly active users

So many people know the classic uses of Google Maps. The application also allows you to help you when parking, in particular to find a parking space, to find out if it is authorized to park in the avenue or the street where you are, but also to know if the places are paid or not. If you don’t know how to access these simple features, just click on the “steps and more” option located right next to the estimated time.

Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car? Well this situation could now be ancient history, since Google Maps has a tool to help you find your parking spot and no longer have to drive around in a parking lot at the end of the day, when your only want is to go home.

Never forget where you park with Google Maps

We could have told you about the many other options in the application, such as travel in time and observe the evolution of a neighborhoodbut it is not this functionality that interests us.

Let’s get to the point. To avoid forgetting where you parked your vehicle, Google Maps provides users with a more or less hidden, but very useful feature. Here’s how to access it:

  • When parking your vehicle, open the Google Maps application
  • Tap the blue location dot
  • Select “Save Parking”
  • And There you go !

So yes it may seem very simple, but we sometimes forget that the simple things are sometimes the ones we use the least. Then even if users are used to Google’s mapping service, it is still possible today to discover new rather practical features.

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