Google makes it easier to edit PDFs on Chromebooks

Google is bringing a number of other features to Chromebooks to make PDF editing easier.

Starting next week, editing PDFs on a Chromebook will be a snap. Users will be able to highlight text, fill out forms, sign documents, and add text annotations directly within the Gallery app.

Gallery is the default photo editing app on Chromebooks. Similar to Photos on Windows, this is where a batch of photos first appear when you open it. Most Chromebooks don’t come with a PDF editor by default, and while free third-party options exist, their functionality tends to be limited, and editing directly in the Gallery seems to be a lot less hassle.

This could be a big help for students, a demographic among which Chromebooks are widely used. Not only can they annotate texts and assignments more easily, but they can also annotate handwritten class notes (which can be exported to PDF from the Cursive app in ChromeOS).

Google is bringing a number of other features to Chromebooks this fall, including a “new movie editor and video editing features” in Google Photos, which will come to Chromebooks first. Users will be able, “with just a few clicks”, to compile a video from the clips and photos stored on their account. It looks like you just have to select a theme (“Love Story”, “Pet Movie”, etc.) and topics, and Google will do the rest.

Those who want more control will also be able to use a more advanced “movie editor” to organize clips, apply filters and adjust settings such as brightness, contrast and white point.

Other Google Photos features in August include light and dark themes as well as wallpaper integration.

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