Google Cloud data center out of cooling

The scorching days of recent days have affected a Google Cloud data center located in London. For its part, Oracle also suffered a cooling failure.

The heat wave puts a Google data center out of action for a few hours

During heat reaching 40°C, a Google Cloud data center in London experienced a cooling problem. Moreover, part of Oracle finds itself with similar concerns. This Tuesday at 6:13 p.m. at the scene, a “cooling failure” shut down several Google services.

The impacts communicated by the company are reassuring. This failure would have affected only a minimal number of users, including DCD. Note that it lasted until 10 p.m.

A spokesperson reported the situation: One of our buildings in the Europe-West2-a zone suffered a momentary outage due to a cooling problem. This issue is currently fixed for the West Europe Zone2 region. The following three services were among the touchdowns: Google Cloud, Persistent Disk and Autoscaling. Around 10:00 p.m., some users had to deal with I/O error displays on their hard disk.

Google was activated from 8:30 p.m. by communicating regular updates on the work to rehabilitate the activities of the data center. Two hours later, the cooling problem was discovered. The total replenishment of the cooling system was completed around midnight. A final statement appearing at 7:30 a.m. reported that GCP teams were continuing to restore affected services.

Rumors circulated that this outage had affected Equinix LD4/5/6, data center located in London. However, the company’s official page did not release any information relating to this fact. Later, Equinix will deny to DCD that they had not suffered any heat-related failure.

Oracle: affected by the high heat

At Oracle, the outage began with the heat rising around 5 p.m. The company, having already sat in the premises of Equinix in Slough, reassures that it is not about the latter. The exact location of its data center has been kept secret in the London area.

“The sharp rise in temperatures in the region has affected the cooling system of the London data center. Some infrastructure has been disrupted. “, according to Oracle. “A group of services had to be shut down to prevent failures from affecting certain sensitive equipment. »

This oppressive heat which rages the United Kingdom comes with its share of disturbances. Indeed, the temperature is around 40° at most. According to Bloomberg, some companies have resorted to watering hose for cool their units air conditioning.

Fortunately, after a rainy night, the temperatures have calmed down and the heat is now below 30°.

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