Google Chrome may soon add an additional security feature

While Google is about to make passwords a thing of the past, that doesn’t mean the company is ready to abandon its efforts to boost account security for billions of users. Google seems to be working on a new feature security for Chrome that will alert you if the password you just created is weak.

A new password strength meter for Google Chrome appears to be in the works. As the name suggests, the feature will alert you to weak passwords you created when creating a new online account or simply updating an old one.

The feature will presumably use visual cues to indicate whether a password is weak or strong. This means you’ll likely see a green bar if your new password is strong and a red bar if it’s weak, which is similar to what most of the best password managers have been offering for a long time. The question that one can ask is the reason for this late addition.

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It’s surprising that a browser used by billions of people hasn’t had a password strength indicator for all these years, especially when competitors already do. That’s not to say that Google’s password manager has a lax approach to security. In fact, the service already checks for any compromised or weak passwords and notifies you of which ones you need to update.

However, Chrome’s long overdue password strength indicator comes much too late, when Google is preparing to introduce support for passwordless login in Android and Chromium over the next year.

For now, it’s still a welcome addition to Chrome. It’s not available to everyone right now, but you should be able to turn on a flag in a future release when the feature’s code starts rolling out.

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