Google Adds Tag To Identify Asian-Owned Businesses In Search And Maps


Google adds a tag to help searchers easily find businesses that identify as Asian-owned. Google’s addition of business attributes that highlight identity first appeared with tags for women-owned businesses in 2018. Later that year, Google added tags to distinguish women-owned businesses. veterans on research and maps.

In July 2020 Google introduced its label to target searches looking for Black-Owned Businesses, in September 2021 Google added a Latino-Owned Label, and most recently in June the company added Black-Owned Businesses. LGBTQ to the list. Asian companies will be identified by a red and orange flower.

As we have seen with the other tags, searchers can now easily find Asian-owned businesses via Google search and via Google Maps. Business owners who have already created a verified business listing with Google can add the tag by opting in, and can also unsubscribe at any time.


Google’s move to help identify Asian-owned businesses comes after Yelp added tagging for Asian-owned businesses in April 2021. In a blog post announcing the new tag, product manager Leanne Luce highlighted a partnership to help thousands of Asian-owned small businesses gain digital skills, and how Google is doing this to support violent acts that have targeted the Asian community and COVID-related business closures over the past last two years.

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