Goodbye Google Pay, Google Wallet is coming

Google Play’s July update brings the rollout of the new Google Wallet to your smartphone and greatly improves its Play Store with new features, especially in-game.

Along with its Android or Play Store updates, Google has also become accustomed to modernizing and strengthening its system with monthly updates for Google Play and related services.

The July update brings a hefty batch of Google Play System updates, the site has spotted 9to5Google. Starting with Google Wallet which signs its arrival with its new interface and its name change.

Google Wallet is announced

Unveiled at Google I/O, the refresh of Google Pay and its transformation into Google Wallet is imminent. Among the updates of Google Play System this month, the novelty is listed with its redesign with Material You sauce. This comes just after the visual changes made in the Play Store.

New functionalities are expected for the application for storing loyalty cards, bank cards, transport cards and other important documents (plane tickets, vaccination certificates, etc.). Google Wallet will also be used to turn into a digital key if necessary for hotels or businesses, but also gradually integrate identity documents and driving licenses as Apple does with its Maps application.

Google also wants to better integrate it with its other applications for faster access to the documents stored there.

Mobile gaming made easy

Other new additions to Google Play include enhancements to the “Play-as-you-download” feature. Deployed last year, this allows you to launch a game before the end of its download on the smartphone or tablet. The July update further reduces wait times before launching the game.

The Play-as-you-download function on Android // Source: Google

The Play Store is enriched with a better suggestion of games and applications according to your preferences, an improvement in the download and installation time with greater reliability. The Play Pass and Play Points programs inherit new functions. The Play Store will also benefit from performance optimizations and fixes for security and stability bugs.

How to update Google Play?

To check if your Android smartphone needs an update, you can go to the Google Play services page from your device and follow the procedure.

To update the Google Play system, go to Settings, then About smartphone > Android version > Google Play System update.

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