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FIFA 23 has officially shown itself to the world in recent days. From now on, the information concerning the new episode of the football franchise is coming little by little and the novelties are being revealed in turn. In a long video of more than 10 minutes, the developers discuss several technical points and show gameplay.

Technology at the heart of the experience

During this video, presented by members of the development team as well as the EA Sports FIFA community, several points are discussed to discuss the new features and additions to the game. In the case of this trailer, it is will act less to talk about licenses, such as the return of Juventus from Turin, than additions in terms of gameplay.

Hypermotion 2

Hypermotion technology was introduced with FIFA 22 and allows EA Sports to capture player movements more accurately than traditional motion sensors. For FIFA 23, Hypermotion returns in a second iteration and the numbers are pretty impressive: development teams have two full games’ worth of moves, as well as training from professional players. The video also shows phases of play filmed in the La Romareda Stadium, home of Real Zaragoza, in the Spanish second division. Thanks to the Hypermotion 2 tool, FIFA 23 will introduce more than 6000 new animations coming directly from the field for a total of 9 million captured images, which makes it the most documented opus.

Women’s clubs

One of the most important novelties is the confirmation of the integration of women’s football. Initiated with Fifa 16 and a few selections, women’s football will now be entitled to its own club championships. The Australian international, Sam Kerr, will even be entitled to his own jacket to celebrate this major arrival for the license. As with the men, the women were treated to game sessions filmed and transcribed via Hypermotion 2. There will therefore be activities dedicated and exclusive to the ladies.

Attack / Defense

Attacking is the big chunk of this trailer since that’s the ultimate goal of a football simulation: to score goals. Dribbling has been redesigned to be smoother and better executed, depending on the player on the pitch. The weight distribution of Hypermotion 2 technology allows for more realistic feints. At the end of these races, it will be possible to trigger controlled or uncontrolled super shots, giving way to the power of strikes. Penalties and set pieces will also benefit from these additions with a new form of shot on goal.

Faced with this redesigned attack, defenders will not be left out with the introduction of supported sliding tackles, to counter powerful shots and signature animations depending on the players. A combat system now makes it possible to counter opposing dribbles and acceleration has been revised with three main movements: explosive, controlled and long. The stars in play, such as Kyllian Mbappé, will even be entitled to their “signature race”, characterizing a particular style. FIFA 23 will be a very attacking episode, but the defense will also have a say


Before thinking about scoring, you will have to get rid of the last rampart in play: the goalkeeper. EA Sports promises us gatekeepers that are more responsive than ever, capable of anticipating strikes. Finished, therefore, the stoic goalkeeper watching the ball pass? Hypermotion 2 seems to be able to give goalkeepers a major role and they will be harder to beat since they will defend every ball. New for the 2023 edition, the physical extremities can be deformed by the impact of the ball, giving way to balls pushed back from the end of the phalanges or the ankles.

Skill moves

An aspect much appreciated by players, the movements of address, or skill moves, have been revised for the 2023 edition. The big novelty is the introduction of movements on the left foot, which was impossible until now. New moves such as the backheel-roulette promise in-game entertainment.

After this presentation focused on the possibilities of Hypermotion 2, FIFA 23 will continue its program of video presentations: on August 1st, it will be the turn of the career mode. On August 5, the focus will be on matchdays. Finally, VOLTA FOOTBALL and Clubs Pro will be discussed on August 8 while FUT will be shown on August 11.

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