Download MacOS Ventura VMDK File For Virtual Machines [Google Drive]

You can also use the macOS Ventura VMDK file to run macOS 13 on VirtualBox or VMware. In this guide, we will provide you the link to download the macOS Ventura VMDK file.

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macOS Ventura

Meanwhile, Apple unveiled macOS Ventura, the latest version of its desktop operating system, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. This fall macOS Ventura, also known as macOS 13, will launch, bringing a host of new features to desktops and laptops. (Normally, macOS upgrades are released in September.) In addition to improvements to Messages, Safari, the Mail app, and Continuity, there’s a brand new multitasking tool called Stage Manager.

A new version of macOS will prevent a new wave of Macs from running Apple’s current desktop operating system. For example, the new macOS Ventura update will not be available for the 2015 MacBook Pro.

Because it was one of the last laptops to have a classic scissor-switch keyboard before Apple replaced it with the much-maligned butterfly keyboard, this laptop quickly became a fan favorite. Fortunately, Apple has already revived this classic keyboard design, so there are several great Apple Silicon-powered replacements available for anyone still using the 2015 laptop.

Macs compatible with Ventura

  • iMac (2017 and later)
  • iMac Pro (2017)
  • Mac Pro (2019 and later)
  • Mac Mini (2018 and later)
  • Mac Studio (2022)
  • MacBook Pro (2017 and later)
  • MacBook Air (2018 and later)
  • MacBook (2017 and later)

Features of macOS Ventura

Source: Wikipedia

  1. Weather for the Mac
  2. Clock for Mac: an app that displays world time and manages alarms, stopwatches, and timers
  3. Stage Manager, a new tool to organize windows on the desktop
  4. Improvements to search, email organization, and formatting in Mail
  5. Richer search results in Spotlight
  6. A new version of Safari that includes shared tab groups and passkeys, passwordless account management technology
  7. Message Updates, which allows editing and undoing recent iMessages
  8. Handoff for FaceTime: possibility to transfer an ongoing call between several Apple devices
  9. New features for video conferencing, including the ability to wirelessly use an iPhone as a webcam
  10. System Preferences has received a complete overhaul, it is now renamed System Settings, and in the design of iOS and iPadOS Settings
  11. iCloud Shared Photo Library that allows multiple people (iCloud Family Sharing members) to add, edit, and delete photos in the same Photo Library
  12. Redesigned Game Center Dashboard
  13. Freeform, a whiteboard-like productivity app for real-time collaboration
  14. Support for routes with multiple stops in Maps
  15. Updated design for Siri

Download macOS Ventura VMDK File

The macOS Ventura VMDK file can also be used to run macOS Ventura in Virtualbox or to install macOS Ventura in VMware. They are mainly virtualization software that can be run on any system and then on the operating system of your choice.

VMDK file (virtual machine disk file)

The VMware Virtual Machine Disk File (VMDK) is a virtual machine (VM) file format standard. A file that starts with a. A virtual machine with the VMDK file extension is practically complete and self-contained.

VMDK, which was created by VMware but is now an open file format, competes with and is not directly compatible with the Microsoft Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) disk format. To make the conversion easier, third-party solutions like VMDK to VHD converter are available.

This article was talking about how to download macOS Ventura VMDK file.

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